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Photo of Adams, Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark Adams

Professor Emeritus

HEP Physics



2274 SES

Office Phone:




Dr. Mark Adams is an Emeritus Professor at the UIC Physics Department who received his B.A. in Physics from the University of Maryland and his Masters, PhD and PostDocs from SUNY Stony Brook. For over 20 years, Adams used leptons as probes of structure, from production of low mass lepton pairs to observation of leptons with the highest transverse momenta available. Physics interests have included: the production of low mass electrons; high resolution studies of upsilon decays; deep-inelastic muon scattering at low xBj ; searches for anomalous trilinear boson couplings; lepto- quark searches; top quark production; and searches for Standard Model Higgs boson, fermiphobic Higgs boson, and massive exotic boson decaying to top-quark pairs.

Dr. Adams has a strong commitment to outreach, bringing cosmic ray experiments to high schools via our UIC QuarkNet program and the Chicago Large Air Shower Array (CLASA). Adams is currently serving as a member of the QuarkNet Advisory Board.