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Summer Workshop 2009

July 6, 2009 - July 10, 2009

Teachers and students assembled detectors and performed four experiments using cosmic ray counters: muon lifetime, muon speed and cosmic rate rates versus atmospheric pressure. Five teachers, ten students and two faculty participated. All students presented their results in talks to the whole group to close the workshop. An additional three students continued their research projects for another 2-3 weeks, measuring the transmission of various optical couplings between scintillator and phototube, rebuilding counters and measuring the position along a long scintillator bar based on PMT timing.

Spring Data Challenge

UIC QuarkNet held a 1-day Saturday workshop on March 14th in order to prepare for the CLASA Spring Data Challenge! Over a dozen sites throughout Chicago got their detectors working and recorded cosmic ray data continuously over a 2-month period. This Chicagoland data set forms the basis for searches of very large cosmic ray showers that hit counters at multiple school sites.